is focused on one thing... exercise education as it applies to the individual client!

Practical information requires commensurate foundations... a "language" by which details may be accurately presented and discussed. Einstein is quoted as saying, "Premature responsibility breeds superficiality." This was never more true nor better exemplified than in the exercise industry.

Social media has been accepted as a source for exercise expertise. By definition, something that's free has no value. A surgeon doesn't learn surgical skills from YouTube! Neither can a TRUE Exercise Professional. Social media is somewhere between entertainment and a sad commentary on society and the current state of the human mind.

Join Tom Purvis in changing not only our corner of the exercise industry, but the lives of your patients and clients. Experience the difference that 30 years of teaching experience, a client-focused bias in exercise decision making, ...and rethinking exercise itself can have in the career and outcomes of an open-minded individual striving to be one of the few exceptional professionals in an industry of self-absorbed amateurs. Hopefully, that exceptional individual... is YOU!

(more to come)