Updated 11/12/2019
Personaltraining.com is in phase 2 testing via a limited launch.

This phase 2 is for the purpose of testing specific features of the site. As such, there are only limited features currently available.

With the public launch there will be full function. If you are looking for things that are not available, you are likely not part of the limited launch invitation.

Now supported:

  • International sales is now supported
  • "One click" selection of courses by Level (1000s, 2000s, etc.)
  • Cart icon displays items ready for checkout

To those invited to assist with the limited launch: if you have any trouble, issues, concerns, suggestions, etc. during this phase, please let is know via the support email form!


Now... Read Me First:

You are here because you were chosen to be part of a limited launch.

The purpose of this soft launch is not only testing of site functions with a limited volume of participants, but also to allow first access to those of you who have patiently waited.

Please read the following carefully so you will have a greater insight into the current status of the site and its current contents:

Two “Sides”

  • PersonalTraining.com is launching with a “lecture” side that offers a Course Library (currently populating from the former RTS classroom presentations, but will expand much further).
  • Eventually a Subscription side will be available with very different content (discussed briefly at the end of this email)

The Course Library

  • This is currently the expansion, update, reorganization and reformatting of the chapters/topics from former RTSm classroom presentations including Science 1 as well as the lecture portions of Science 2, Sp/Tr, LE, and UE.
  • Note: RTS2 and RTS3 Practical Modules are still three weekends each.
  • Select Courses will be required for RTS2. All will be required for RTS3.

Expanded Content

  • The content has been completely reorganized and reformatted.
  • Each topic is expanded considerably, not only in volume of information, but also methods and style of presentation, e.g animation, ppt, etc.
    • It is no longer organized as a single course/module like “Science 1”.
    • Due to the constraints of limited days for a live course, Science 1 was no longer adequate as a preparation for hands-on and advanced decision making. In fact, the last few Science 1 courses did not even include what had originally been the last two or three chapters of the syllabus.
    • Of course there is no limit to the volume or level of detail of the content that can be offered on video.

Sample Video Clips

  • The link below will show you a few clips from various course videos:


Ala Carte Shopping

  • For a variety of reasons, each topic is available for purchase as an individual “course”, similar to a single college class.
    • For example, many potential customers are only interested in one topic, such as Chain Mechanics or Joint Forces.

Automatic Updates

  • As those of you who have repeated any RTSm module over the years are aware, updates to some topics are the norm.
  • Updates can include corrections, additional information, or modification of the presentation, offering greater clarity.
  • Updates and addenda will automatically be added to a specific course (topic) you have purchased. Yes, that’s lifelong updates for no extra charge.
  • Again, if you already own a course listed below, that content is available for you to view through your account.
  • It is my interest and goal to have former RTS students up-to-date because in many ways, both directly and indirectly, they are representatives of the RTS program… and me.
  • Please note that pricing is by level and per hour of content, so as a course grows over time, its price will increase proportionally.
  • This means that others who purchase a specific course in late 2020, that has been updated and expanded over the year, will pay more for the same information that you will receive automatically as an update to your 2019 purchase.


  • If you previously purchased an entire level via “ADD ALL TO CART”, your purchase included only courses available at that time, and any content updates that may occur to those specific courses.
  • New courses added to a previously purchased level must be purchased individually.

What to do Next

  1. Your access to PersonalTraining.com is through a backdoor to the site via http://rts.javelincms.com
  2. You can peruse current the Course Library
  • Each course has a list of the video titles associated with the topic. The length of each is also indicated.
  • As of noon 11/1/2019 there are 33 course with approximately 80 total hours of video and growing toward completion daily.
  • There could be as many as 45-50 total courses with roughly 120-140 hours of video upon completion of phase 3. (The exact numbers are not possible to foresee due to that fact that many topics that were limited over the years due to the limitation of course itineraries have evolved into two or three separate topics as they became unconstrained by moving to video as the delivery medium).
  1. If you choose to take advantage of this early access, simply create an account and start shopping.
  2. Go to “My Account” and scroll down to view your list of purchased courses.


  • Most topics will eventually have a downloadable pdf associated, similar to the chapter of a syllabus.
  • In preparation for video production, each course is updated. Some topics never existed before. Others will be virtually unrecognizable from the classroom presentation and its limitations.
  • However, so as to not slow video production time any more than it already has been, the associated text was not updated and edited along the way. In fact many old topics where rebooted from scratch!
  • These pdfs will be added over time.
  • The videos and the learning opportunities they offer the student was/is the current priority!

Notification of Latest Uploads

  • Click on the NEW AND UPDATED COURSES navigation button to stay abreast of the latest additions to the Course Library, as well as future updates to the content of current courses.
  • Anything that has been uploaded (pdfs, new video, updated video, addenda, etc.) will be posted there in descending chronological order.

Population of Navigation Buttons

  • Because the priority has been to get the Course Library up and available, some navigation buttons are temporarily overly simplified.
  • As these will be of greater importance for the public launch than to RTSers, content completion will be triaged.


  • Course prices are per hour of content.
  • The course level determines the hourly price.
  • Prices may change without notice.

Online Savings: For those comparing the online lectures to RTSm

  • RTSm Science 1 and 2 were $975US each.
  • The total hours of video will be much more and will include the first days of each body part practical module.
  • The total price for the Course Library will be roughly comparable to the previous prices of the aforementioned courses and portions of courses.
  • Considering the reduction in expenses by not having to attend Science 1 and Science 2 live (lost income, flights, accommodations, food, and ground transportation), this can be a combined savings of $2000 for domestic students and up to or over $4000US for international students.
  • Keep in mind that these video "courses" (i.e., classes, topics, subjects) do directly represent any specific former RTS course. This is a very different packaging and organization of information, much of which was represented in the few days of an RTS or RTSm course.
  • specific levels of courses found here (1000-5000) will be required (strongly recommended) before attending specific RTS2 and RTS3 practicals.

No Refunds

  • As stated in Terms and Conditions, there are no refunds for video purchases. We cannot know if a video has been watched or duplicated (stolen).
  • Given that a video can't be "unwatched" or returned, refunds are not offered.
  • Similarly, the computer industry doesn’t refund software or app purchases (or in the days of software on CD’s, allow returns).

Subscription (Future plans)

  • This will offer a library of clips from practical presentations, exhaustive exercise analyses, exercise and client specific cuing considerations, business considerations, etc.
  • Content will include select submissions by RTS3 (formerly RTSm) certified and other qualified individuals.
  • Content can/may have a lower production value from formal presentations in the Course Library, e.g. room lighting will be the norm, no edits or animations, etc. However, unlike social media, microphones will be recommended.

Comments from a few who have reviewed some of the videos:

“Orchestration was so different! So much more! It brought so much together for me!”

“I wish I could’ve see equipment analysis like that back then!” (regarding Equipment Analysis 2)

“Before I really thought equal and opposite was self-explanatory. Same with F=ma. I guess I really assumed I knew what force was, but now I understand how it applies a little better.” (regarding Force 1)