Technical and Billing Support

Note: support issues or questions regarding or associated with our content providers, partnering organizations, or anything not specifically related to billing and technical support for cannot be addressed by Exercise Education LLC personnel and should be directed to the specific company or organization itself via Contact or Support on the respective website.

We appreciate your business and want to ensure that you're receiving excellent service. Please read the notes below prior to submitting your issue or concern in the form that follows. If the subject matter is within the parameters of technical (I.T.) and billing support, someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Support is offered for website function and billing errors only.

Furthermore, our support capabilities and procedures are part of what is being tested during this limited launch. Please be patient.

Technical support is provided by the website builders and they are not on 24 hour call.
Likewise, billing and payments are provided by a third party. Their service will be part of the testing process for us.

NOTE: As stated in terms and conditions, there are no refunds for video purchases. We cannot know if a video has been watched or duplicated (stolen). As a video can't be "unwatched" or returned, refunds are not offered.

Questions related to the actual information presented can not and will not be addressed through or by Exercise Education, LLC. The information presented is the intellectual property of the presenter or organization, and can only be addressed by that party.

Questions regarding estimations of dates of availability of future content, updates, etc. can not and will not be answered. Content is  available when it is completed and completion is subject to many, many factors, both internal and external to the process.